Your valet parking service at airports and stations

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karpark is a valet parking system application for airports and stations.

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Take a look at the benefits of using karpark, how it works both inside and outside its facilities and the liability policy.

Why choose karpark?

Professional Services

We have extra services for our customers such as refueling or transfer among others.

Maximum guarantees

The driver is in charge of picking up and returning the vehicle in the selected area. We offer flexibility when paying for the service.

Comprehensive 24h service

We provide a professional valet parking service at airports and train stations. As well as other services related to our activity.

Safety and efficiency

EL PARKING has a CIVIL LIABILITY insurance with one of the most prestigious insurance companies in the country "AXA Seguros" covering possible damages to the vehicle.

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Your valet parking service at airports and stations

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from our users.

Once your vehicle enters the parking we will send you an email from which you can update the data of your return. You can also contact our customer service department at the office phone number (+34) 622 10 51 87, at the parking lot phone number (+34) 633 77 90 30 or by email at

Yes, you will be able to cancel or edit any reservation, except those with a date that is past the current date. Once you are logged in, in the menu you will see "My reservations", in the list you can select the reservation you want to see and in the details you will be able to cancel or edit it.

Yes, you will be able to make a reservation without registration. In addition, if you have already made a reservation and want to register later, you will be able to do so without losing your previous reservation data.

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